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One boring tuesday afternoon, after a series of prolonged conference calls, estimations, iterations, Pratush received a quote from an MNC for a zillion bucks to develop a software module that seemed fairly straight forward. Then and there the inspiration for SeeMyMarriage's Software was born. There had to be an affordable way in which small and medium businessess, especially related to the wedding industry used software to solve their unique business cases. offers a suite of online and desktop software for couples, professionals, businesses related to, but not limited to the Wedding Industry.Primarily businesses use our software to crunch vast video data to produce meaningful end results and deliver the ouput to their customers via Live Streaming , On Demand or any other media. Our hosted delivery systems enables our customers to continue working on their work either at the office or on the go. They do not need high end hardware to work with our software.

Till Date has released hardware and software platforms ranging from Live Streaming, Online Video Creation, Online Video Editing, Automated Post Production and Render Engines, Anjali - The Wedding Tele Presence Robot etc. SeeMyMarriage has been reviewed in Some of the leading news papers and online blogs around the Globe.

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