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Sai Ravi

Sai Raavi

Systems Analyst and Sales Operations

Sai works on the sales team. When he is not closing deals, he is obsessed over the new movie release in the city.Sai occassionally accompanies the broadcast team to make sure the broadcast process is smooth. Such is his interest in broadcast engineering. Sai is an Engineer on the client side development and works on the releasing the latest versions of SeeMyMarriage.com. He has pretty crazy ideas on what makes a great broadcast team, mostly involving “Making Sure Live Users Are Insanely Happy”.



Systems Analyst and Development Rockstar

Gopi can be reached at root@seemymarriage.com . He has his hand involved in every aspect of the product, but spends most of his time making sure SeeMyMarriage.com and its servers run as fast as possible. When not helping work on the servers, he likes to pretend that he knows all about cell phones and bikes by carrying/riding around the respective equipment in the office. Gopi's most important role at SMM: making sure the fridge remains well stocked.



Network Operations and Broadcast Rockstar

All broadcasts made successfuly complete.
Broadcast audio and video synced like fields in bloom.
Soban makes sure Love grows for SeeMyMarriage.com.

When he's not coding in Python, he enjoys traveling, cooking, entertaining, and daydreaming of becoming Prabhas.



Network Operations and Post Production

Dileep ensures continuos availability of the SeeMyMarriage.com service and ensures all the relevant servers are up and running at their peak performance. A network systems integration specialist and has led multi-platform video integration projects with technologies from Adobe and Microsoft.



Inside Sales Analyst

Charan is the Sales Ninja always busy converting leads. He's quite busy in getting more people into SeeMyMarriage and more SeeMyMarriage into people's lives.When he is not imagining the concept of every bachelor using SeeMyMarriage.com to broadcast their wedding, he can be found wrting software, giving a decent contribution to the development team. To get your queries clarfied on the streaming quality at your broadcast location ..... Skype Me™!



Interface Designer and Animation Specialist

Santosh is a consummate perfectionist and ace designer.He works as a part of the the post production team. Makes sure SMM carries the same look and feel over all of its products. Santosh spends his free time day dreaming about joining the frontline in Indian Army.

Anil Kumar


Network Deployment Specialist

Anil scopes and completes complicated deployments, which might include unusual configurations, for a range of operationally relevant broadcasts. In his spare time, Anil likes to play with SMM broadcast camera's, work on his hockey game, and hit the local multiplex for the latest blockbusters.



Broadcast and Production Support

Ram Babu does support and when not slaying the support tickets at SeeMyMarriage.com , he can be found playing politics with his team. He's always up for trying anything new and never turns down chances to dance.



Business Intelligence Analyst

Salman is whatever and whoever you need him to be. He supports the SeeMyMarriage team by coordinating customer feedback and marketing initiatives into each release. He is constantly ready to take on any challenge(s) that SeeMyMarriage customers are facing. In his leisure time, he is found to hit hard on the inability of the technical and development teams for not including the live-viewer-teleportation feature in SMM.

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