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SeeMyMarriage is a Wedding Invitation Card Creator Service.

Your relatives or friends may be far away from your city when your marriage gets settled. You cannot reach all of them personally to invite to your wedding. You can either call or send a message. But, is that the only way to revela the most important event in your life to your dear ones. Even, they may also feel bad..

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We surely say. Lot of people from your side will discuss about it as a new trend.

Because, it is a new product. No one in your friends may used it in before

You should impress them with a new way of invitation process. This impression you make reflects as happiness in your wedding. Don’t you worry! SeeMyMarriage now presents awesome whatsapp wedding cards to share with your friends/relatives easily. We are trend setter in wedding e-cards. We generate your card within 10 minutes only. Just customize your whatsapp card by filling up a form.
The e-card will be in your inbox. Send it to as many persons as you need through whatsapp or other social websites. Thrill them and make them happily come to your wedding.Yes!,Wherever your relatives, friends/dear ones in this world. you cannot invite them using invitation card within less timeline and surprise. It is so valuable than a call. So easier than a message. Submit your details. Customize your card. Send them through whatsapp. Impress them, Make them thrill. Create your wedding trendy.

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