LIVE BROADCASTING PLATFORM FOR ARANGETRAM offers one of the most advanced video streaming services in the industry especially targeted towards the broadcasting of special events like Arangetram. As it is very crucial debut on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music after years of training, live streams it to the world..

The Incredible Brand with Innumerable Features

We have the ability to achieve high quality broadcasts even at low bandwidths. So however remote your marriage venue might be, we have the expertise to retain the quality and broadcast your special moments to your intended audience.

Broadcast Management

Our in house live production teams will handle the entire broadcast. Our Arangetram Broadcasting solution relies on SeeMyMarriage’s enterprise class video streaming platform designed to deliver high quality video to the viewers of the live Arangetram.

Custom Players

We use customized software for different events, especially for Arangetrams when so many live users would want to deliver their blessings. Your business can rely on our software to deliver a great end user experience to the customer.

A Dedicated CDN

Our video engines are distributed at strategic locations around the globe. Buffering and latency are avoided.


Create that amazing video highlights or Invitation for the Arangetram. You can do away with the post card!

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