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With dedicated bases in the entire New Delhi region, especially the NCR SeeMyMarriage is well placed to handle the broadcast in the entire region. Wedding webcasting in New Delhi and the NCR has staged a lot of North Indian weddings to capture the most out of the charms of the Capital City. India is a land of traditions and culture and to showcase the same every North Indian wedding is spread across 7days. So all the rites and rituals before and after the wedding are the webcasting events in a New Delhi wedding.

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From Mangni to Bidai, End - to - End webcast

The end to end webcast is coordinated from our end by our certified and qualified broadcasting engineers in New Delhi. The entire webcasting workflow for your events starting from the Mangni to the Bidai is well coordinated for a wedding webcasting in New Delhi

New Delhi and NCR : Our Feasibility Expertise

Having the experience of broadcasting a large number of events in and around New Delhi and NCR will help us in executing your broadcast with reliability.

Live Wedding Streaming at every Banquet Hall

New Delhi & NCR has a diverse range of wedding banquet halls. Each banquet hall is different from the other and each requires specific fine tuning of network infrastructure for the wedding webcasting. We have broadcasted in almost every banquet hall in New Delhi, NCR and surrounding cities and we clearly know the network infrastucture and equipment to broadcast from a particular location. So when you choose SeeMyMarriage Live wedding broadcast in New Delhi, rest assured, you are not taking chances and you have it all well- planned.

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Signal Connectivity, Internet Bandwidth – Key Areas

Having a complete understanding of the network, signals of a particular location is the major strong point of our network broadcast team. Signals and Bandwidth of a particular location are the key factors to determine a good quality broadcast. We know where a particular signal is strong / weak. Tata, Reliance, Airtel, Idea, BSNL and a range of local service providers have a strong presence in the New Delhi NCR region.

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Live Relay Rewind Replay

We use cluster and farm deployment of our video servers resulting in a high speed content delivery network. With dedicated servers placed in New Delhi we make sure that the delay and latency involved in delivering the live video are reduced by a huge extent. With dedicated data centers at New Delhi , rest assured your broadcast is safe in our hands.

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24/7 Broadcast Support Team

Okay, we understand that it is an Indian wedding and infact its a New Delhi wedding, there are only a million and one things to take care of. Our broadcast and support team will work closely with you at each of your events be it the mehendi, mapillaiazhaipu, wedding or the penazhaipu. With a dedicated broadcast support team for your event, your live users will not bug you for information regarding the broadcast. We will provide all the necesary information regarding the webcast on the direct support hotline.

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HD DVD’s, Wedding Invitation Video, Highlights Videos

SeeMyMarriage has the state of the art Editing and Post Production facilities. Every webcast that is executed will have a series of intro, highlights, invitation videos delivered as a part of the complimentary sevices. Apart from this you will also have full fledged edited video of the broadcast depending on the package chosen.

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Facebook Integration

Invite friends, family and colleagues to the webcast in style.

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Instant Archival

Instantly available for viewing by even the couple.

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HD Downloadable Links

HD downloadable videos of the wedding broadcast

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Block the calender with a unique whatsapp card

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