Custom Invitation Video + Save the Date Video Creation Services. Customize an existing YouTube or Vimeo Video as per your requirement.

Create a Cartoon Movie With Your Great Love Story

Everyone may have a love story. But, some stories make us shock and thrill with unbelievable surprise. That type of love stories definitely an evergreen and dream for every couple. Some of the couples cannot explain their memorable lifetime moments in words. They may feel shy or think about the value of the story. They thought they wanted more comfort and sources to explain their story. They are searching for that. Now SeeMyMarriage took one more forward, step For those couples and stories. Create a small cartoon movie with dialogues as per your story. That tells your entire love story till wedding with beautiful narration and animation. You just share your story with only one (SeeMyMarriage). We will share it with everyone by transforming of digital and creative manner. It would be a great presentation for our customers. ūüôā

Have an Idea in your mind. We will create a similar video for you. Just Upload the video / provide a link to the video style you want to create and get it created in a matter of hours.

Share Your Video Style

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Our sales team received a request from Ms. Raseela that she wanted to make a custom invitation video. After sending her some sample videos, she has given us a YouTube video to customize in the same style. The couple has given their requirements. We have created a new video animation and customized that video as per their style and requirement. The story is about their first meet through to their wedding.

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We have received a lead request from Mr. Mohamed to create a custom invitation video. He sent us some cartoon images and selected a video style from our store. We re-created that style using that selected cartoon with some changes as suitable to his nature in within 3 days.

Our Custom Video Design Team Can Do These Below For You:

Develop a Tailor-Made Video

After assessing your specific video needs, our design team will recommend a customized solution. Once a video idea is agreed upon, we’ll go through up to two rounds of revisions to ensure it meets your expectations. Pricing.

Modify Existing Videos

If you’re happy with the look and feel of an existing video template, but would like to customize the text, background music, animations, we can do that too. Pricing.

Brand Your Video

Using elements from your website or logo, our design team can create a video that aligns with your specific professional style. From font colors to layout, we’ll make sure all details are covered.

Customize Your Video as You Wish.

Want to customize a video? Or do you already have a video design that you love? We will take care of that for you as well.

Create a New Tailor-Made Video

30 Seconds

  • Basic animated, Simple invite videos, Mini slideshow, Less time taken videos

60 Seconds

  • Highly animated videos, Image slideshows, Effects based videos, On 20 – 30 Images

90 Seconds

  • Text, Song, Concept customized videos, 3D, Stop motion, Bulk animated, Slideshow videos at above 30 Images

Customize an Existing Template on Store!

Based on your requirement, you can select basic or pro customization option while purchasing any video in the store. As shown below.

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Basic Modification

  • Text. Song. Font Changes. Assets, Change. Adding event slides for the wedding (Reception, Cocktail, Bachelorette Party, Bart, Sangeet, Mehndi,). Changing characters as per wedding culture.

Complex Modification

  • Adding pictures in tune with existing assets & characters. Adjusting video timeline and length as per your requirement. Background & Theme change.