Online Webcast Demos : Vijayawada

Your friends and relatives will be absolutely delighted to watch your special moments in the wedding archives that are available just at a click away. Log in to watch the wedding archives or the live streaming demos of the weddings that have been broadcasted from Vijayawada

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Live Streaming Archives of Weddings: Vijayawada

  • Open Live Wedding Archives with the below credentials

  • User id: livedemo and

  • Password: livedemo123

  • You can hit (Ctrl+f) and enter ‘Vijayawada’ or the location of your interest. The broadcasts executed in Vijayawada/the location of interest will be displayed on the right pane

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Vijayawada Live Wedding Streaming

Want to watch a live broadcast demo of an event happened in Vijayawada? This is as real as it gets.

Step 1: Open
Step 2: Click on ‘Live Now’ Button (yellow button)
Step 3: Enter Event Id given below
Step 4: Click start

For Vijayawada Telugu Wedding: : Event Id:-adityaramya.
North Indian Wedding: Event Id: rampuria
South Indian Tamil Wedding: Event Id: varshamahe
Christian Wedding: Event Id: johnpriya
(Please refresh the page if you want to watch a new event ) .


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