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With SeeMyMarriage you can offer a host of value added services to your customer. Increase your existing service portfolio. Establish new revenue models for your organisation / wedding business using our applications. Event and Wedding Live Streaming, Online Invitation videos, Website creation and Deployment, Wedding Robotics, Automated Video editing, Online Video Highlights and Intro creation

Couples & wedding businesses webcast with live marriage / wedding streaming software at affordable cost.

SeeMyMarriage Live Streams any event!


Thanks for the awesome webcast video. Loved the clarity. More than 100 people around the world saw the live broadcast of my wedding and everyone gave good reviews and testimonials.

Mr Chakravarthy, Event ID: umachakravarthy, Hyderabad

Wedding Webcast Case Studies


I have seen a wedding video invitation posted by one of my friends. The video was really good. The editing team has done a pretty good job.

A user who saw the video on Facebook. Courtesy: Direct email to our sales team.

Video Invitation Testimonials

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SeeMyMarriage Live Webcasting in a nutshell.

Thousands of Wedding Broadcasts executed using our software around the Globe. 5000 to be exact.

The Venue

Your planning keywords : Internet, Servers, Cameras, wiring, bandwidth etc. Tell us the location and we will establish the internet at the venue. Cameras will be installed and our trained Broadcast engineer(s) will personally handle the camera keeping in view the bandwidth available at the venue. We have broadcasted thousands of weddings or marriages, engagements across many religions and diverse cultures across the globe. Wouldn't you want to rely on our experience as the largest independent webcasting services provider in weddings or marriages. Well, so many already have :)

Live Viewers: The Software

Years of experience in the field has led us to develop some of the most amazing webcast features into our software. A set of tools that will help you get the most out of your event webcasting and streaming service. Manage your webcast with analytics and real time updates about the live users. Address the live users right from the wedding venue over your phone.

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Support & Post Production

A dedicated support team will be assigned for your event to handle support for your live broadcast.We know you will be busy during the D-day.The wedding ceremony start time might get delayed due to so many forseen reasons. yeah our support team will take the calls and will offer any technical help that the live users might want. With industry leading post production expertise and editors, we will edit the marriage webcast video feed according to your tastes and requirements.

Major Operations in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, Portland.

Webcasting Services, Network in all the Tier -1 / Tier 2 cities in India and the USA. Call us to see if your city is covered.

SeeMyMarriage Invite : Create Wedding Invitation & Highlight Videos

The Online Wedding invitation / video creation platform to tell meaningful stories about your life, events and marriage.

Customers find our support truly amazing and for this very reason we are the Industry leaders.

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Invitations and Wedding Intros?

Have a custom requirement for your dream wedding. Our post production experts will sit / talk with you personally to carve out that dream wedding intro or invitation. We are just a phone call away. +91-810-699-0869

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