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Advantages of being on SMM Creative Team – Author

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Simply upload your work and earn money every time your item is purchased/downloaded online.


Couples, photographers,video agencies and other wedding business access for making a wedding related video. They search through the videos available.


Authors submit projects and videos. Every time a video is purchased on SeeMyMarriage author earns money. SeeMyMarriage gets a percentage commission.

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Three Simple Steps



Tell us more about yourself, your work and provide us with your portfolio.



Submit content under any one of our Video Categories. Your content will be checked for quality standards and copyright validity in tune with the DMCA. After conformation to the standards, the price will be fixed and the video will be uploaded to site.



You will be intimated instantly and paid every time a customer makes a purchase.

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Know your Income

How to price your product?

The total Selling Price of the product that you sell on SMM comprises of the Product Price and the site fee. Since you hold the content rights entirely, you need to price your product. The author fee is charged @ 15% of the Product Price depending on the category. Once you become a Privileged author your author fee will decrease to 10%. Your Income will be the Product Price minus the Site Fee.

How to calculate your income?

You need to pay an author fee to SMM which will be 15% of the Product Price. Your author fee varies as per your sales on our site and you eventually will become a Privileged Author. Privileged Authors are the ones who sell their products exclusively on SeeMyMarriage. Once you become a Privileged author your author fee will decrease to 10%. Your Income will be the Product Price minus the Author Fee.

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Which Project / Software / Video Content do you Accept?

All Original Content / Content that you have copyrights for, is accepted.

What kind of content do you accept?

Video Footage and all kinds of projects files. .

Who owns the copyrights of the content I submit?

Only you hold the copyrights.

How do I get paid?

Via Paypal / Netbanking. It is mandatory that you have a bank account when you register with us.

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